Getting the Full Instagram Picture in the Data

I’ve been looking at growing my Instagram profile by taking a more analytical approach to follower growth.

I started my Instagram profile in 2012 but now it’s time to get serious. I’ve found that I get less data by using a personal account so this week I’ve upgraded to Business. This is due to the way that Instagram (under Facebook) wants to make money from advertising. Changing my account from a personal to business profile allows me to see the free analytical data Instagram provides.

I found one free tool which can help me, Social Blade gives me historical data for the last nine months.

As you can see this shows an upward trend in my followers but this has recently levelled out. During the earlier period of the graph where my following increased in fast pase I was spending more time uploading and interacting with followers and companies. However, recently I completely stopped and this has hindered my growth as you can see on the graph. Once I took a more personal approach to Instagram my page came to almost a complete standstill. Here are some reasons why my following stopped:

  1. Lack of posts.

This is the main reason I lost followers, I wasn’t keeping my followers up to date with good content. In doing so my followers lost interest and unfollowed.

2. Posting low-quality, ‘personal’ photos.

The photos I was posting during this period were of low quality, and were more personal. For example photos with friends don’t tend to do well.

This second graph shows how recently I have taken an analytical approach to my Instagram and this has kickstarted growth again. Over the last week there has been an upturn in following as you can see on the graph above. I’ve done this by following a few steps to make my profile more professional and reach out to my target audience of fellow beauty lovers. However these steps can be applied to any market.

  1. Tagging & Hash-tagging brands in posts.

Doing this increases you chances of your post being seen my the brand and people searching their products. I tagged and hash-tagged the make-up brands I used in my posts over the past week and I noticed a lot more engagement from fellow make-up artists and beauty pages than I ever have before.

2. Interacting with other accounts.

As I previously spoke about I followed Chalene Johnsons 5/3/1 rule. The process of liking 5 photos, commenting on 3 and you’re likely to gain 1 new follower. I tested out this theory during my analytical approach and noticed that I gained a lot more interaction on my page.

3. Consistent, Good Quality Posts.

This step is what I saw to be the most effective and important step in taking your Instagram to the next level. It speaks for itself, your posts have to be of high quality and show off what you’re trying to sell well. Consistence is also key, the graph above shows the surge in followers on my page after posting daily.