What defines a League of Legends player?

League of Legends is a video game played by a 100 million players every month on PC. The fantasy Multiplayer Online Battle Arena is one of the most popular games ever made.

(Source SuperData Arcade)

Everyone can download the game free of charge from their website and start playing. The game has a competitive nature, every game the player is pitted against another player this resulted in tournaments with millions of dollars in prize money. The last finals of the League of Legends world cup had 43 million unique viewers.

Players can be put in three different categories: (either by themselves or as a target audience for a company) Casual, Semi-Hardcore and Hardcore.

Casual players normally don’t take the game seriously, they don’t have the desire to improve as much and they play mainly just for fun. They see games as something on the side, like reading a book or watching a movie but it doesn’t dictate their life at all.

Semi-Hardcore players take the game a bit more seriously, the desire to improve is there even though they also might play other games. They have jobs or go to university but most of their free time is spent on video games. These are the kind of players you might find talking to other players in forums or talk about it to their friends.

Hardcore players are the type of players that spend a great deal of their waking life playing the game. They try to improve the most by spending a lot of time playing the game. Hardcore players might live in Team houses to get as good as possible to compete for money. They live and breath video games. They are or have a strong desire to become a professional gamer and be paid for playing the game.

In League of Legends things are a bit different. A survey done by Pieter van Hulst asked a wide variety of players how much time players spent playing League of Legends. There wasn’t that much of a difference between the Semi-hardcore and the Hardcore crowd.

It is clear that the people who define themselves as casual users don’t spend as much time playing League of Legends but there are some that play as much as the Hardcore and Semi hardcore crowd. There is another way to make a clear distinction between the kind of players: the “game modes”

To show that you have become a better player in League of Legends you have to play in the Ranked game mode. Here you can accumulate points, the more points you get the higher your rank becomes. The hardcore type of player wants to climb up the ranks to show the rest of the world and himself that he has in fact become better. The casual type doesn’t really care that much about their rank and will play in the more ‘Fun’ oriented game modes. The semi hardcore player wants to climb the ladder but will also play in the ‘Fun’ modes more than the Hardcore player.

These graphs and information show why a game like League of Legends is as big as it is because there is something to do for everyone. Players that play 5 hours or less might not be as good as the players that play 20 hours or more but that doesn’t mean that they are not having fun.

Another difference between the sub categories can be seen in the amount of money players spend on the game.

A large share of the casual player base didn’t buy anything last year, however a large share also spend more than $80. Of course players from different backgrounds play the game. The income of the players doesn’t affect the category but it does affect how much money they spend on the game. The Hardcore graph shows that the largest share of players spend $80 or more though.