Three years already

  • Emma

    Very clear – great use of statistics. I don’t play video games but I was still able to understand everything and I thought it was interesting.

  • Delilah Jeary

    As a parent I found this a really helpful guide to finding a family friendly console. The information about the kinds of games available was helpful, especially what kind of game they were e.g first person shooter etc

  • Stephen Kilbey

    This is a really interesting piece. When you look at the game sales for instance, I found some of the top sellers to be quite surprising. It also looks very professional, with the colour scheme and the addition of the pictures of the console etc.

    If I were to improve it, I would go into the reason why the PlayStation 4 is doing so well compared to the XB1 a bit more.

    Overall though, I think this is a valuable article, it’s certainly added to my knowledge of sales figures. The gaming industry is always fascinating in that respect.

  • dandavies23

    I’d like to know if PlayStation and Xbox sell similar games which software companies make the most money out of the games they sell on both platforms. Are Xbox games cheaper? which one is the best value for me and the software developer?

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