Countries most visited by UK residents

Relating to the World’s Leading Destinations presented in the previous story, this article will show which are the main destinations for the UK population.

According to the Office of National Statistics Spain is the country that was most visited by UK residents in the last year. Most of the countries visited are in Europe except from the United States of America, this shows that the leading destinations for UK residents are different from the ones selected worldwide.

DDJ graphic -
This graphic shows which countries were most visited in 2015 by people living in the UK.

Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Spain.
barcelona-spring_2855549b The Park Güell in Barcelona is one of the main attractions in this city.

The same source shows how much was spent in these countries during their holidays.

Different factors influence the amount of the expenses. One of them is the distance between the most visited countries and the UK. For example, the USA is not one of the most visited countries but it is the second country were most money was spent, the fact is that it is the country where more time and costs are spent to travel from the UK and it is the only one outside Europe.

This visualization shows the relation between the countries most visited by UK residents and the expenses of their holidays in 2015.