World’s Leading Destinations

The winners for the World’s Leading Destinations 2015 of the 22nd World Travel Awards ceremony were announced last December.

In the previous year over 650,000 travel professionals and exclusive tourism consumers around the world voted to choose the winners.

This map shows the winners of 2015:

These are the World’s Best Destinations of 2015 according to the World Travel Awards website.

It may be a surprise, but there is only one place in Europe as a winner – Madeira. The Portuguese Island, is considered the World’s Leading Island Destination of 2015.

This video gives an idea of what to expect from Madeira Island. This relates to the leading destinations for UK residents as Portugal is one of the most visited countries by UK residents and the video was made by a British travel agent a few years ago.

Another interesting fact is that the Middle East had three winners including the World’s Leading Destination which is Dubai. With all the development and facilities created in these cities they are now considered top destinations for business, sports and luxury holidays.

  • Dan Davies

    Thanks for embedding your map Laura, CartoDB is a good fit it’s a nice un-noisy map that you have chosen and your pinpoints are clear. What’s the “untitled” key at the bottom you may want to work out how you can title that up. Colours could resemble different categories? Do you have the runners up?

    Please link to your source in the copy so that we can see where you got your info from ideally link to the list, we can talk through this in the lesson if you need some advice.

    In order to make this into a news story you have to consider why you are featuring this now? One angle may be that this is the time of year when people are booking their holiday abroad) you could see if there are any stats on that try a big holiday operator like Thomas Cook or perhaps a major flight operator.

    See if there’s anything useful here:

    Another newsworthy angle is the impact of terrorism on tourism see what you can find on that. They’ll be loads on this have a Google and see who has reported on it, how the reported and what their sources were. Then think whether it stands up…

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