Cancer Funding And Survival Rates Part 6

The graph below shows the funding in 2013 by Cancer Research UK, the leading cancer charity in the UK. It shows the how much is funded per type of cancer. From the visualization we see that the funding is not spread evenly among the various cancers. In a future project, i will like to explore what exactly is the money spent on and how that affects the survival rate on the various cancers.

It would be ideal to have the graph shown with the graphs from previous post of the differences in the cancer survival rate for the two period so we can visually see how the funding affects cancer.

Here we see that prostate cancer gets the highest funding than any other cancer 2013. It got £30 million, while the lowest got £2 million, which was for testicular cancer. Which is surprising because testicular has the highest survival rate among men. What determines which cancer get what amount will be a subject for a follow up project.