Racism offences at football grounds on the increase

New statistics would appear to suggest that racism at London football grounds is on the rise.

Racist offences almost doubled from 2012 to 2013 with London clubs involved in nearly one third of racist offences. Football related incidents are on the increase but what are the main reasons for this?

Racism has been rife in sport over the years and incidents at stadiums have been very frequent. However it would be fair to say that the relevant bodies such as the premier league and the police have come together to put in place tough sanctions against those caught committing racial motivated offences.

Some clubs are more notorious than others when it comes to these sorts of incidents.

In geographical terms the teams with the highest levels of incidents are based in London.This is somewhat shocking considering that London is one of the most multi-cultural places in the world.  So the obvious question that has been raised by this is where this hatred stems from?

Clubs such as west ham and millwall are two clubs that have been in the spotlight with several incidents taking place that have involved their fans.In the last year there have been several high profile incidents which have brought the problem of racism to the surface again.

There is some correlation between the size of the fan base and amount of incidents that take place. However the general perception is that the teams with a bigger fan base and a bigger stadium capacity are more likely to have more incidents involving racist behaviour.

Something that may come as a real surprise is that incidents of racism will occur inside the stadiums whereas acts of football hooliganism now take place outside the stadiums. Security is usually high at stadiums with police and stewards in attendance yet there have been cases where culprits of racial abuse have got away without being detected.

The 5 biggest club stadiums in England are old Trafford of Manchester united, the emirates stadium of Arsenal, St james park of Newcastle, Stadium of Light of Sunderland and The Etihad stadium of Manchester city.