Comparison of football banning orders

Figures reveal that banning orders are more likely to happen in League One games compared to Premier League games.

The revelation comes after the government data website released figures showing the banning orders in all league games for the previous season. Analysis shows that, when compared proportionately, there is a higher chance of receiving a banning order during a League One game.

The original data shows more banning orders have been received at Premier League games however it does not show the data proportionately. League One stadiums do not have the capacity Premier League stadiums have and so the data is not proportionately represented.

The new data comes after comparing averages of each football team to reveal there is more chance of receiving a banning order at a League One game due to the smaller capacity.

A banning order can only be delivered by a court following a person’s arrest after a football game. They are designed to prevent people with a history of causing trouble at football games from travelling to football games, either home or away.

The current football banning order system is covered by the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 which was passed in March 2014.

The full report is below or click here for the full video.