Social Media Expanding the Fashion Industry

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Social Media websites and applications have become more and more popular over the past couple years. Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter are just three of the several major social media sites which are helping the fashion industry grow immensely.


-80% of total Pinterest pins are repins

-47% of US online shoppers bought something as a result of a Pinterest recommendation

Pinterest allows designers, companies, and brands to showcase new product to all followers which can share it with their friends/followers with just one click by repinning it. The cycle can repeat if those follows decide to repin the pin as well. This shows consumers are circulating the new product and are the ones really publicizing product.


-54,200,000 different Facebook pages

874,000,000 number of mobile Facebook users

Companies and brands have their own pages on Facebook which consumers can like. Consumers also create fan pages for many designers so there is usually more then one page on Facebook publicizing designers, companies, and brands.


-135,000 new Twitter users signing up every day

-58 million tweets are tweeted on average per day

On Twitter designers are constantly gaining new followers who are retweeting their tweet; giving them more publicity.


Michael Kors is an example of a designer who successfully utilizes social media. In 2012 Michael Kors’ revenue was 1.3 billion dollars, while in 2013 the revenue of his company was 2.18 billion dollars. Kors’ frequent use of social media is definitely a contributing aspect as to why there was such an immense growth in the company’s revenue.

Michael Kors Social Media Facts:

-1.9 million followers on Twitter

-13,673,090 likes on the official Michael Kors Facebook Page

-140,000 followers on Pinterest

-During the New York fashion week in Fall of 2012 alone Michael Kors gained 15,300 followers on Twitter.


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