Premier League survival does your club have a chance?

The premier league is one of the most intense leagues in Europe, and for those clubs who earn the right to grace English footballs top tier, maintaining the status of a ‘top flight’ club seems a daunting task when you consider the quality of opposition you’re set to face. On average teams promoted from the championship spend two seasons in the premier league before being relegated, Southampton and Swansea being the only teams in recent times to break that trend.

The relegation battle as well as the title race is one of the main exciting focal points of the premier league season, but for the supporters of the clubs involved it is a stressful uncertain period. Only 8 clubs since 2000/2001 season have been relegated and managed to win promotion from the championship the season after. These clubs are Man City, Leicester, West Brom, in 2005/2006 both Sunderland and Birmingham managed it, again in 2008/2009 both Newcastle and West Brom managed to and in 2010 West Ham.

Since the turn of the millennium clubs who have beaten the drop into the Championship have needed on average 38.2 points to survive. Bolton needing the highest amount, 44, in 2002 and West Brom the lowest with only 34 in 2004. These stats mean clubs would need to win roughly 13 of their 38 premier league games to ensure survival over their opponents.

Since the premier league began 22 seasons ago only West Brom have been the only club to be bottom of the league table at Christmas and manage to avoid relegation on a record lowest amount of points, this doesn’t make good reading for Sunderland fans. Sunderland were bottom at Christmas collecting 14 points from their 19 games. Since then, they have accumulated 25 points and sit 3rd from bottom with 11 games to go and with only 6 wins so far.

From 2000/2001 to the present 6 of the clubs who survived relegation by a certain amount of points were relegated the season after so even if a club secures safety one season, half the time it doesn’t guarantee they won’t be relegated the next.