Killing of African Elephants

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I found number of African Elephants killed every year by country

Who runs this fields

The fields are run by the AfESG (African Specialist Elephant Group

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What I’ve found so far?

So far I have found countries that where poaching of Elephants is more committed, South Africa is in first place, followed by Zimbabwe, Central Africa, Kenya, and some West Africa countries
Seventh Meeting of the IUCN/SSC
The IUCN/SSC (AfESG) held its meeting on 23-27 November 2009 in Kenya. All members participated including observers groups.

Presentations were about conservation and management of Elephants. The main themes that were discussed were
1-Illegal killing and trade, it concentrated on ivory trade and illegal killing of Elephants the ways to stop all these practices. Although many measures are taken in the Congo Basin, the killing of Elephants still very high

Planning for Elephant conservation: this concerns management, create more corridors and areas for elephants to live free

Human -Elephant conflict:the growing population of human is threatening the population of Elephants by going into their habitat. Cultivating and cutting trees.

Climate change and payments for ecosystem services:

Multiple species of the African Elephants: Findings are inclusive, so maintain findings of 2003

Securing and Managing Elephant data: Is about analyse of population and range data for African and Asian Elephants

Additional sessions: these sessions looked at furthering research and ways of funds available for elephant research and conservation.

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