V&A: World’s Greatest Museum of Art & Design or Londoners greatest tax burden?

Millions of our pounds have been invested into the building and construction of the V&A art and design museum to make the site more 21st century.

An estimated £3.5 million from this year alone has been spent by government and has been invested into The Victoria and Albert museum. Around one third of which, has gone directly into building and future planning for the south Kensington museum.

According to official government data, the museum’s monthly invoice shows that building costs between January and February this this year are staggeringly more than the total costs between January and February the year before. It has been reported that more than £2 million has gone towards innovating one of our greatest museums which was first established in 1852.

In the calendar year of 2013, the Victoria and Albert museum spent a total of £23 million which is already looking like a cost we will exceed this year with the governments ambitious new building programme.

On the museum’s website, future plans to transform the V&A include ‘revitalising visitors facilities, redisplaying the collections and restoring and enhancing the original 19th century architecture’

The programme is also set to significantly renew both the south Kensington site and the museum of childhood in east London.

It is believed that to date, 70% of the Victoria and Albert museum’s public space has been transformed already.

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