Premier League Disorder

2011-2012 to 2012-2013 Comparison

English football  is watched  by a huge number of people from all over the world.  However it is not without its problems, the FA along with other authorities has spent a huge amount of money in an attempt to reduce incidents such as public disorder.  however it does seem that the relevant authorities are not doing enough when it comes to stopping these problems from escalating.

Data released by the governments official data body shows that serious incidents such as racist chanting has almost doubled from the previous year 2011-2012 to 2012-2013.  Serious other issues such as possession of weapons and the use of flares also went up in comparison to the previous year.

However the most alarming statistic to come out of this report is the fact that Violent disorder almost doubled within the space of a year, this again highlights the failings of authorities such as the police and local authorities such as councils.

On the other hand offences relating to alcohol were surprisingly on the decrease by a significant amount.

Comparison by competition

In terms of arrests by competition England’s top league has had a huge decrease. with arrests almost down a by half in comparison to the other year.  However this is not the same for en glands second tier which has seen a a significant rise in this latest report.  however the changes in league 1 , league 2 and the conference are minimal which could suggest that clubs in the lower leagues are giving these problems more attention.