Premier League wages not in order compared to recent fines.

Head-butt scandals seem to follow Hull City in Premier League.

Newcastle coach Alan Pardew was fined £60,000.00 and handed a seven-match suspension after head-butting Hull City’s David Meyler earlier this month. He was booked when his team were leading 3-1 and had to leave the pitch after exchanging some angry words with the referee. Now also Manchester City goalie Joe Hart had his moment when he seemingly head-butted Hull City’s George Boyd at the 69th minute of the game this Saturday after his dive on the penalty area. Man City was leading 2-0.

Joe Hart head to head with Hull City's George Boyd

Joe Hart head to head with Hull City’s George Boyd

The Football Association (FA) has not yet taken a stand on whether Hart or Boyd will face any action after the incident. In an incident-packed match, City captain Vincent Kompany could also face punishment after video footage showed the Belgium international kicking a wall following red card for hauling down Hull striker Nikica Jelavic reports

The City captain has been said to miss the next week game against Fulham, but might also face more FA actions. The interest has now focused more on the issue of the amount of fines and suspensions compared to the amount of Premier League salaries.

Premier League salaries keep on rising

According to Daily Mail, the new figures show that:

  • Average Premier League wages have reached £22,353 a week – before lucrative bonuses – or £1.16million a year.
  • Average Championship earnings are £4,059 a week (£211,068 a year), less than a fifth of players one division above.
  • In the bottom division, League Two, their weekly pay of £747 is not much more than the national average.
  • League Two earnings are also 30 times smaller than those in the Premier League.

See Daily Mail’s full report, here.

Official figures show that the top salaries are now five times higher than in Champions Ships, but the conversation around the amount of fines has not yet taken wind under it wings.


Who really pays for footballers actions?

Earning £500,000.00 per season and standing in a position of a role model to millions of young football fans, a ban of seven games and a fine of £60,000.00 doesn’t sound that harsh for Newcastle coach Alan Pardew.

The act of violence, from which he has fully accepted his punishments off, did set an example for those young footballers who still do not fully understand the concept of such large amounts of money. What they do understand, is that it is okay to attack the opposite player in anger.

Alan Pardew was fined £60,000 after head-butting Hull City’s David Meyler

Alan Pardew was fined £60,000 after head-butting Hull City’s David Meyler

Joe Hart, who is said to be playing for England in the up-coming World Cups in Brazil, earns £4,5 million per season where the City Skipper, Vincent Kompany is said to earn more that 10million for a season.

Maybe this is the time to take a look at the fines, and make them state what the players stand for. They are role-models, athletes and extremely high earners which should conclude that their mistakes should be more valuable.

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