The NBA draft is still months away, however, it is around this time of the year that NBA general managers, scouts, and basketball experts all over the globe begin putting together mock drafts and scouting reports in an attempt to predict which player will fall where on the two-rounds, 60-selection draft.

In total, there are 450 players participating in the 30-team league that spreads in all corners of the U.S.; but where were these players before arriving in the NBA?

The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) is the traditional and most common method of getting in, but even this amateur league has subsidiaries that make the answer to this question more intricate.

NCAA men’s basketball -has a total of 32 conferences, which you can think of as minor leagues where teams compete for the conference championship. In addition, at the core of those 32 conferences sit seven “major conferences” who produce the creme of the crop: the NBA is mostly made up of players from this constituency.

The other “small conferences” hardly see any of their players go on to have illustrious careers in the NBA.

RealGM, a basketball website who provides reliable flash news on the go, has dedicated a whole section of their site in answering this dilemma.

Below is a chart illustrating the make-up of the NBA:

nba chart1

The figures above blatantly show that the bulge of players in the NBA come from the major conferences, making up 65% (294). In second position at 20%, the international players (92). In third, with 9%, draftees from small conference schools (40). And lastly, the last standing players who entered the draft straight out of high school (since 2006, players have not being allowed to enter draft form high school).

So this June, when 60 more names will be picked on draft night, you’ll more than likely notice a correlation in terms of numbers between the players chosen and the total number of current players.

Picking the next Michael Jordan will never be an easy task, but stats like these, may higher your chances of hitting the jackpot.