2014 Valentine’s Day Spending

Valentine’s Day this year saw a big rise in spending from all ages with adults in age bracket 18 – 25 spending the most out of all adults according to the National Retail Federation survey.

Every year Valentine’s Day for some is seen as being over commercialized and hyped targeting men and women to spend ridiculous amounts of money on their significant other to show how much they care. In recent years it has seen a boost in the sales of roses and chocolates around February 14 each year, as it seems every year more and more people are spending big money on Valentine’s day festivities.

The survey showed more than anything people were shopping online for their gifts as opposed to going to a florist or another specialty shop to buy for their significant other. Online shopping was significantly higher in men than women, opting as a quicker and easier way for men to shop and beat the crowds of the shopping streets of London.

Valentine’s Day also shows a rise in people eating out at restaurants for the commercial holiday, as promotions for a gift aren’t sufficient enough it is also necessary to splurge over an expensive meal in order to show how much you care.

When asked if they were going to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2014 53.8% answered yes with 46.2% answering no. This increased from the 52% answering yes in 2013. This shows that either the average of people asked in 2014 were either in relationships or the over commercialised hype is working and people are buying into the romance of Valentine’s Day.